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Practice Overview

Dr. Visk’s Orthopedic Practice

Dr. Visk's Orthopedic Practice

Dr. Visk is a member of the orthopedic team at Orthopedics Specialties in Spartanburg, SC. Orthopedic Specialties prides itself on its dedication to:

  • A team approach to orthopedic care
  • The latest techniques and technologies
  • A well-trained, highly-professional and affable staff
  • The ability to schedule new patients within 1 week
  • Proven methods that minimize recovery time, maximize healing & reduce possibility for further injury
  • Versatile payment options (including most health insurance plans)

Orthopedic Services

Orthopedics Specialties offers some of the most innovative, state-of-the-art treatment options available. Some of the services offered include:

  • Spinal treatment for back and neck pain
  • On-the-premises MRI imaging
  • Upper extremity & hand care
  • Sport-related injuries multifaceted treatment options
  • Partial or whole joint reconstruction surgery
  • Minimally invasive, advanced arthroscopic procedures
  • Knee, hip and shoulder joint replacement surgery
  • Lumbar/cervical fusion
  • Lumbar/cervical decompression
  • Minimally invasive back treatment options
  • What Patients Can Expect

    The goal at Orthopedic Specialties is not to provide short-term fixes, but to provide comprehensive care that addresses the immediate problems while also considering the long term well-being of each patient. New patients can expect:

    • A comprehensive consultation preceding any procedures that fully assess whether surgery is absolutely necessary—or if other options may still be available prior to surgery.
    • Comprehensive information on the ins and outs of any planned procedure—a well-informed patient is more likely to follow directions, take proper precautions and be more satisfied with post-procedure developments.
    • Comprehensive follow-up plans that help patients heal faster, with fewer complications and with the ability to return to regular work/home activities on a quicker basis.
    • Educational initiatives that help patients look out for special symptoms, how to best take care of their bones (especially if repaired/treated), and how they can prevent injuries and bone/joint deterioration.

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